See what we do

We would love to have you walk through our Food Bank and learn how our program works. Stop by anytime we're open, or contact our manager for a little tour about what happens.

In the interim here are a few photos that might give you a small idea of what is involved.


When you enter the food bank you'll be in our waiting area or "Coffee Room"

"Coffee Room" or Waiting area

After the Coffee room, the next place clients go is to the "Bread Room"
Bread Room #1
Bread Room #2


Behind the Scenes there are the Hamper Room and the Storage Rooms

Hamper Room #1

The Hamper Room is where all the hampers are made. This room has the food that needs to leave the Food bank first.

Hamper Room #2

 The Storage Room has everything else. We try to make sure that everything is organized by type of food and by date. That way we ensure all the food that we give to our clients is safe.

Storage Room

Finally, there is our Van, with it we do all the pick ups and errands that the Food Bank might need.